Intergroup Committee Positions

Each of these positions and its committees provide important 12 step services to the Regina AA community and the positions need to be filled. If you are interested in being involved in service and are willing to donate a few hours each month then please come out to the regular Intergroup meeting and let your name stand for one of these positions.

Intergroup meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month downstairs in The YWCA 1940 McIntyre. If you are unable to attend the meeting but would like to let your name stand then please either contact the Office and leave a message as to which position you are interested in or contact any intergroup table officer.

The intergroup body exists to serve the Regina AA community and requires your help to continue to provide vital 12 step services. As with all 12 step work the reward we receive is far greater than the effort it takes to help out.

2018 Positions

Position Name Group Contact
Intergroup Chair Ron L. No Name  N/A
Intergroup Co-Chair Daryl M. Novalco  N/A
Intergroup Secretary Catherine S. A.A. for Women  N/A
Intergroup Treasurer Stan M. South Hillsdale  N/A
Office Trustee Brian B. Northern Lights  N/A
Newsletter Editor Patrick &
Rolling Home  Contact
Social Committee Chair Shawn S. Free Speech  Contact
Saturday Night Speaker’s Meeting Chair Vacant  N/A
Treatment Facilities Coordinator Vacant  Contact
Corrections Chair Rod R. Harmony  Contact
Co-operation with the Professional Community Chair Vacant  N/A
12 Step Chair Vacant  Contact
Alcathon Chair Debbie G. & Zena B. Nu-Life Group & Rolling Home Group  N/A
2018 Round Up Chair Dave B. Free Speech  N/A
Webservant Jim J. Noon Eastside  Contact