Anonymity in On-line and Conference Call meetings

If complete anonymity is a great concern for you, perhaps a one on one call or a call to our 12th Step call list (phone 306-545-9300 – 24/7 to be connected to someone on the list) would be a better option.
By the very nature of on-line and conference call meetings, it becomes very difficult to ensure your complete anonymity.  It is highly unlikely that your anonymity will be breached, but you need to be aware.
    • While the meeting host will respect your anonymity and will not record the meeting, we cannot guarantee that all users will not do so through a means aside from the conference software.
    • There is also a possibility that your name and/or device identity may be seen in the conference.
Some safeguards you can take if your complete anonymity is a concern:
    • If you are using on-line conferencing software, leave your camera or video off. You can participate through audio only if that is your choice and the host should respect that.
    • If you are using on-line conferencing, ensure you hide your full name when you enter or rename yourself immediately after entering.
    • If you are calling in to a conference telephone call (use *67 to block your caller id) before dialing.
There are likely many more warnings and safeguards that could be listed, but the main purpose of this document is to make you, our members, aware of heightened anonymity risks at this time.
Please be respectful of each other and everyone’s anonymity.