E-Transfer Contributions Available!

Even though our groups and committees are now unable to meet or do our regular business in person, expenses are still incurred. Costs such as rent, telephones and our newest expense zoom on-line meeting software, continue to be paid by groups and Intergroup.
We would ask our members to keep this and our 7th tradition in mind. Consider making a larger “basket” contribution to your group or chosen service entities that you feel would be the equivalent to what you would have given had a basket been passed around at all your virtual meetings. Remember your contributions should always be voluntary.
We can now accept e-transfers from AA members and groups, or you could make these contributions in person after the self-isolation period is ended.
For E-transfers our email is:  contributions@aaregina.com (the account is named AA Roundup)
  • If you would like your contribution to go to a group for distribution (rent, expenses, service entities), please enter the group name in the e-transfer note field.  Your entire contribution will go to that group.
  • For a tax deductable receipt, enter Central Office in the note field of your e-transfer.  Your entire contribution will go to support the Central Office.
  • All other e-transfers will go entirely to Intergroup.

At this time we cannot provide contribution splitting among the various service entities.

This service is being provided as a trial to fulfill a need expressed by our membership and is subject to change as needed.