Service Positions Available!

Many service positions on Intergroup Committee will be coming up for election soon. Some, like Corrections Chair, Alcathon Chair and H2H editor are already available.

Click on any position name on this chart for a description of the position and qualifications.

Additionally, the three Regina Districts (15,17,18) will be holding elections for their general service officers (DCM, Alternate DCM, Treasurer and Secretary for each district) soon.

Many groups will also be holding elections for their service positions.  Have you considered being an Intergroup Rep, or a General Service Rep (GSR) – districts for you home group?  How about Secretary or Treasurer for your home group?  Check in to service at the group level.

Positions are going unfilled and decisions have to be made with little input from the fellowship in Regina because there is no one there representing many groups at Intergroup or District Meetings.

Get INVOLVED. AA needs you now.