E-Transfer for Contributions


While our groups and committees are now limited in their ability to meet or do our regular business in person, expenses are still incurred. Costs such as rent, telephones, and our newest expense – Zoom online meeting software -continue to be paid by groups and Intergroup.

We would ask our members to keep the continuing need and our 7th tradition in mind. Remember your contributions should always be voluntary.

We can now accept e-Transfers from AA members and Groups. You may also make contributions in person at our Central Office which is now open for business.


For All  E-transfers:

    • Please add Regina Central Office of AA as an e-Transfer recipient/payee on your online banking. Our email is: contributions@aaregina.com.
    • If this contribution is FROM a group, please indicate “From: group name” in your e-Transfer note/message field.  Receipts, if requested, will be made out to the group.
  • Please send a follow-up email with a valid email address and contributor’s name and address if you would like to receive any receipts or include this information in the notes field of your e-Transfer.

Receipts for Income Tax Purposes:

    • Tax deductible receipts are only issued for contributions to Central Office; all other contributions receive regular payment receipts (when requested and available).

We can now accept splitting of E-transfer contributions between various service entities!

In a separate e-mail or in the note/message field of your e-Transfer, identify the specific entities you would like your contribution directed to. Please note the dollar amount or percentage of your total contribution they should each receive.

For example: “Group Name – 50% and GSO – 50%” OR “Area 91 $25 and Intergroup $25”.

  • The name of each/any AA group(s) you would like to contribute to for use in paying their expenses (such as rent, Zoom, etc.). Also indicate the dollar amount or percentage of your total contribution they should receive.
  • For contributions to AA World Service indicate “GSO”.
  • For AA service in Saskatchewan, enter “Area91”.
  • To contribute to AA in your service district, enter your district’s number (i.e.: D15, D17 or D18).
  • For AA in Regina and the surrounding area, indicate “Intergroup”.
  • To support the Central Office specifically, enter “Central Office” .

**If there are no notes or emails of direction, specifying (as above), all e-transfers will go entirely to Intergroup**.