Answering Service Volunteers

  • On average there are 50 – 60 calls a month after office hours. Of these, only 12 are typically someone reaching out to talk to another alcoholic. To have an outside agency answer these calls is costing Regina AA $300 -$400 a month.

  • A solution is available that would cost around $25 a month, however, it would require a group of 4 or 5 volunteers to answer all calls after hours and direct as appropriate, to voice mail, to the website, or to someone who has signed up to answer calls as part of the 12 step call committee.

  • This solution, in use now in Saskatoon, would provide an enhanced experience as the person answering all calls would be a fellow alcoholic. It would also free up funds that could be used elsewhere in Regina Intergroup.

  • This can only work if enough people sign up as volunteers and are committed to ensuring all calls are answered.

For Info or to volunteer, contact:

12 Step Call Committee Chair, Jason P.      – Click Here –

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